Blood Donors Club, Based in Siliguri, WB (India), is engaged in the life-saving efforts by making blood easily available through our donors who have registered with us. We welcome the thoughtful volunteers to donate blood to support the noble cause.

WHO NEEDS BLOOD - The need of blood is great. On any given day, an average of 34,000 units of blood are needed to save precious human lives from accident and burns, heart surgery, organ transplants & patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer & other diseases.

As you read this a Patient may be critically ill . Whether he lives or dies depends on whether a unit of blood of the right type is available. People run about from pillar to post for a unit of blood in their own city or some another city. There are times when a patient dies for want of blood. And there are time when unscrupulous element who sell blood for money . By donating blood you can make a difference between LIFE and DEATH.

"Here's an Address that can save your Life. The website has a huge database of blood donors. So if you need blood, it's a good place to turn to. It's simple. It's effective. It's free. It can match you with a donor near you in seconds. And you can save the life of a loved one. You can also register as a donor on our site and save the life of someone else's loved one. Pass the message. And let's build a community that cares !

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